RunLoop是一种事件处理循环机制,类似于中断处理,它可以监听一个或多个定时器源(Timer Sources)和输入源(Input Sources),当没有事件时,它让线程休眠;当有事件发生时,系统唤醒线程,把事件放入RunLoop队列,RunLoop再分发给用户指定的事件处理入口函数。由此可以看出,RunLoop是为了低功耗而设计的,它不会浪费CPU的时间,不会阻止CPU进入低功耗模式,对于对功耗敏感的移动终端来说,在恰当的场合使用它能让你的程序获得更好的性能。RunLoop我们可以通过

iOS 原生二维码扫描代码.

self.captureSession = [[AVCaptureSession alloc] init];          NSError *error;     // Set camera capture device to default and

iOS 原生二维码生成代码.

  @implementation UIImage (QR) + (UIImage *)qrImageForString:(NSString *)string imageSize:(CGFloat)Imagesize {          CIFilter *filter = [CIFilte

iOS 获取ip地址

这写头文件是用于获取ip等系列功能的#include <arpa/inet.h>#include <netdb.h> #include <net/if.h> #include <ifaddrs.h>#import <dlfcn.h> #import <SystemConfiguration/SystemConfiguration.h>  获

obfuscated key / key

struct tKeyMapping {     const char *    obfuscatedKey;     const char *    key; };   static const struct tKeyMapping&n

libMobileGestalt.dylib crashed when Hooking MGCopyAnswer for ARM64

You cannot hook MGCopyAnswer directly because it is too short.When CydiaSubstrate hooks a C function, it sorts of overwrites an assembly version of goto your_function; at the beginning of the original function. This "goto" in ARM64 is 16

Bypass SSL certificate validation - including certificate pinning - within iOS Apps



How to Decode iPhone Serial Number --- old

In case you are not aware, the serial number provides some interesting information about your iPhone, including the week it was manufactured and the factory id.Folks at OS X Daily tell us that the serial number on the iPhone tells you the week


My iPhone 5 lock button is not working properly, so I wrote this application.Locking the iDeviceSince I want to lock the device, I need to be able to trigger the same functionality iOS does when the lock button is hit. However, Apple does not play n

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