My iPhone 5 lock button is not working properly, so I wrote this application.

Locking the iDevice

Since I want to lock the device, I need to be able to trigger the same functionality iOS does when the lock button is hit. However, Apple does not play nice with its private frameworks. After some research, I found that I need to call the GSEventLockDevice() function which belongs to a private framework GraphicsServices.

The approach I take with this application is to dynamically load the lib and call this function. This is easily done using the dlopen and dlsym functions.

The code looks like this:

char *gsDylib = "/System/Library/PrivateFrameworks/GraphicsServices.framework/GraphicsServices";
void *handle = dlopen(gsDylib, RTLD_NOW);
if (handle) {  
BOOL locked = FALSE;  
void (*_GSEventLockDevice)() = dlsym(handle, "GSEventLockDevice"); 
 if (_GSEventLockDevice)  {   
  _GSEventLockDevice();    //...
   dlclose(handle);  //...


This application can obviously not be accepted (as is) on the Apple Store, and that's mostly why I put it here. If you want to use the application, you will need a developer cert (or a jailbroken device and using the iDevice build toolchain).


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