typescript Array 增加方法.

interface Array<T> {    x: number;    y: number;    sqrlen(): number;    len(): number;    normalize(): number[];    scale(s: number): number[];    add(b: number[]): number[]

egret3d Mesh rotation

let oMatrix = this.ballMesh.modelMatrix; let matrix = new egret3d.Matrix4_4(); matrix.identity(); matrix.appendRotation(vangle * 60, axis); oMatrix.multiply(matrix); this.ballMesh.orientation.fromMatrix(oMatrix);

dts-gen throw e 不能生成.d.ts,报错

Unexpected crash! Please log a bug with the commandline you specified. /opt/local/lib/node_modules/dts-gen-v2/bin/lib/run.js:130         throw e;  

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