private api

 Class LSApplicationWorkspace = objc_getClass("LSApplicationWorkspace");        id workspace = [LSApplicationWorkspace  performSelector:NSSelectorFromString(@"defaultWorkspace")];    NS

获得当前 App 的所有类, 当前 App 可见类.

#import <objc/runtime.h> #import <dlfcn.h> #import <mach-o/ldsyms.h> unsigned int count;     const char **classess;     Dl_info info;   

How to Use OpenSSL to Generate RSA Keys in C/C++

It is known that RSA is a cryptosystem which is used for the security of data transmission. This tutorial introduces how to use RSA to generate a pair of public and private keys on Windows.Download and install OpenSSL

ubuntu-18.04 设置开机启动脚本

在设置frp的时候,需要添加到开机自启动项目中。不过ubuntu-18.04不能像ubuntu14一样通过编辑rc.local来设置开机启动脚本,通过下列简单设置后,可以使rc.local重新发挥作用。建立rc-local.service文件sudo vi /etc/systemd/system/rc-local .service将下列内容复制进rc-local.service文件[Unit] Description=/etc/rc.local Compatibility Cond


#ifdef DEBUG  SEL sel = NSSelectorFromString(@"_enableRemoteInspector");  id cls = NSClassFromString(@"WebView");  IMP imp = [cls sel];  void (*func)(id, SEL) = (void *)imp;  func(cls, sel);#endifadd to&nb

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